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Sharing Useful Articles with School Personnel

Meredith G. Warshaw, M.S.S., M.A.
Special Needs Educational Advisor

When sharing information with school personnel, it is important to remember that they are unlikely to find time to read long articles or see all the connections that are clear to you.  They are also most likely to accept information that comes from sources respected in the educational community.  In order to maximize the likelihood of them getting the information you feel is most crucial, I suggest the following steps:

1.  Choose articles from experts in the field or sources that are known and respected in the educational community.

2.  Find the shortest articles that you feel provide the most crucial information.

3.  Highlight the most important points in each article.

4.  Present the articles in order of importance.

5.  If there is important information spread out over several articles, prepare a summary page listing the most important points and referencing the rest of the articles.

When explaining why these points are important, be sure to emphasize that understanding them is necessary in order for the child to get an appropriate education.  Do not say that this will lead to the “best” education – IDEA’s requirement is that children get FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education).

Copyright 2002, 2004 Meredith G. Warshaw

"Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction."
       ~ Anne Sullivan (Helen Keller's Teacher)

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